Review Policy

I’m afraid, due to existing commitments, I am now closed to all blog tours and review requests until January 2022.  If you are looking for reviews for a book being published in 2022, please do get in touch.

All of my guest interview features are also now fully booked for 2021, but I am taking bookings for all guest post slots on Friday Night Drinks, Desert Island Books and Romancing the Romance Authors for all dates in 2022. If you are interested, please get in touch. There are also other ways that I can work with authors and publishers on my blog to promote books so, if you are interested in doing a guest post or other one-off feature of your book, please do contact me and we can discuss available opportunities.

My reading tastes are wide and diverse and I will give most things a go, but my favourite genres are literary fiction, crime & thrillers, classics , historical, contemporary and romantic fiction. I also read some non-fiction, particularly travel and social commentary. I will review young adult and books aimed at younger teens.

I am not a great reader of science fiction or horror (with the exceptions of John Wyndham and Stephen King, both of whom I adore), sagas or books set in wartime, but never say never. Except to erotica. I have no interest whatsoever in reading that so it is not worth chancing your arm on that genre. I also do not review books for toddler, primary age or younger middle grade children and I do not review poetry. I do not review books about the World Wars or the Holocaust.

I will read hardback, paperback or e-books, provided I can view them on my Kindle or via iBooks.

My reviews will always be my honest opinion of the book – the good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t give star ratings on my blog, as I find them arbitrary and I would prefer people to read my full opinions on a book so they can make an informed decision as to whether or not they may like it, since we all enjoy different things. I do give star ratings on Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, Goodreads and NetGalley. My reviews are also shared on Twitter, Facebook and in certain online book groups of which I am a member. I also use Instagram to showcase books, but do not post full reviews there.

I will not post reviews of books I really didn’t like, as I am not in the business of publicly condemning the hard work of anyone who has the fortitude to complete a novel and have it published. My aim is to publicise and support authors whose work I have enjoyed. If I feel I cannot give a book a public review for these reasons, I will contact the person who supplied it privately with my reasons.

I blog and review for fun, and to link up with and support authors and other bloggers only. There is no particular rhyme or reason to the way I do it, no formula and I can’t promise to follow all the ‘rules’ if there are any. However, if I have committed to reading something or posting for you on a specific date, I will do so without fail, or will be in touch in advance to explain why I cannot post as promised. Reliable is my middle name.

My reviews are absolutely free, I do not ask for or receive any payment for them from any party. Where links are included in my posts, they are for ease of reference, not for profit on my part.

Please see my contact page for details of how you can reach me.