Weirdness, writing and what comes next…


Hello, all! I’m back!… What, you didn’t notice I was gone?… Well, that’s a bit embarrassing!

Joking aside, I know the blog and my social media have been a little on the quiet side since the beginning of December. There has been so much going on outside of the blogging world that I had to cut things back to the absolute minimum, doing only what I had made deadline promises to do. So, huge apologies to everyone that is waiting for me to do book reviews with no date set, I will catch up I promise, if you just bear with me.


So what has been going on? Nothing very extraordinary, just general life getting in the way. House plans with my partner and our complicated living arrangements which needed attention but have since gone awry. Extended family issues that sucked up a lot of time and emotional energy. Things going on with my kids that needed supervision (all in a good way though). Christmas. Future plans. Basically, life just got really busy and I didn’t have any spare time or energy to expend on blogging the way I usually do. Even my reading slowed down dramatically, it’s been taking me five or six days to get through a book that would normally take me two or three.


And things have generally been a bit weird and chaotic, haven’t they? I mean, what is going on with the world? I’m 50 this year and I don’t remember everything being this messed up and unstable ever before. It’s making me antsy and unfocused, which hasn’t helped matters. I can’t seem to settle and apply myself to things the way I normally would, my mind is mayfly-restless which is making it hard to get anything done. Then, being behind on tasks I’ve set myself makes me anxious and self-critical, which exacerbates the problem. And don’t even get me started on the mad, hormonal upheavals of the peri-menopause. I’m basically just a study in chaos at the moment, which is an abnormal and uncomfortable situation for a Type-A personality like me to find themselves in.

Anyway, enough with the blithering and moaning, I’m finally getting stuff back on track. Reviews are ramping up again, and I’ve got some absolutely fantastic titles coming up on the TBR that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m back on social media and I’ve got bit plans for the rest of the year, which I’ll be sharing with you all here on the blog. I’m also going to try and expand the blog to include more non-review posts – like in the old days – just to mix it up a bit.


First up, I’m delighted to be helping celebrate the Romantic Novel Awards 2022, presented to the Romantic Novelists’ Association. The awards will be presented on 7 March in a lavish ceremony in London, with winners crowned in ten different categories. To champion and promote the awards, I will be running a special series of my Friday Night Drinks feature every night for the next month, with the majority of the shortlisted authors taking part. The first guest, Sarah Mallory, is on the blog tonight, so make sure you check back for that.


I’ve got a couple of new business projects on the horizon that are publishing related that I can’t wait to tell you all about when I can, although mum is the word on those for now, and I’m hoping to share some of my writing progress with you too – always supposing there is any. That is something that has also taken a back seat over the recent, turbulent months but I’m planning on changing that.


So that’s it, you are up to date with everything in Book Problem-land, I hope you will come back and see what is going on as the year progresses.



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