Blog Tour: Tinker Tailor Soldier Chef by Phil Brady


I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Tinker Tailor Soldier Chef by Philip Brady today. This is the second book in the Meal of Fortune series, but works perfectly well as a standalone read. My thanks to Heather Fitt for inviting me to take part and for providing me with a digital copy of the book for the purposes of review. I have reviewed the book honestly and impartially.



Someone’s going around killing celebrities and London’s police don’t have a clue.  With outrange mounting on social media, disgraced copper DI Mark Henwell, is thrown a chance to save his career or bury it trying

Things are finally on the up for MI5 officer, Anna Preston. But when an informant is murdered before he can pass on vital information on a terrorist plot, she has no way to find out more about the threatened attack. And no way of stopping it.

But could there possibly be a link between the murders and the terrorist plot? And what does Dermot Jack, Anna’s old flame and manager of a string of TV chefs and other lowbrow celebrities, have to do with it all?

As the police and MI5 investigations collide, Anna, Dermot and Henwell are thrown together and a tense love triangle emerges. But with a murderer on the loose and the terrorists about to strike, they really don’t have time for any of that

Do they?

A spoof spy novel wouldn’t usually be my first ‘go to’ genre choice but I quite liked the sound of this one and I’m very glad I took a chance on it, as it was a really fun read, despite being out of my comfort zone. It didn’t matter at all that I had not read the first book in the series as, although some of the characters seem to reappear in this novel, this was a standalone tale and any history between the characters that was necessary for inclusion to make the relationships make sense was included seamlessly and unobtrusively.

The book starts off with Anna Preston of MI5 investigating the murder of an informant, DI Henwell on the fringes of a police probe into a slew of deaths of minor celebrities. It’s really hard to see how the two things could possibly related, in fact the idea is patently absurd, but the book soon weaves the implausible cases together. In fact, it is the absurdity of the whole situation that makes the whole plot of the book such rip-roaring fun, so the best approach to enjoyment is to fully embrace the insanity.

There are so many mad characters in this book, my absolute favourite being Marcus Diesel, that you will be engrossed and carried along from the beginning. The book also contains a genuinely perplexing puzzle as to who is behind the plot, and I spent my whole time changing my mind as to who was the evil mastermind. The author takes immense trouble in littering the book with many red herrings and dead ends to fool the reader, not skimping on the complexity of the conundrum, despite the fact this is first and foremost a jolly jape of a book. I was extremely impressed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this jaunt through the ridiculous world of Anna Preston, Dermot Jack and the others and, as a pastiche of the very serious spy novel, it works brilliantly. If you are looking for something fresh, funny and a bit different to spice up and lighten up your reading diet, look no further, this book fits the bill perfectly


Tinker Tailor Soldier Chef is out now and you can buy a copy here.

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About the Author

Phil Brady Photo (1)

Phil lives in west London with his wife two children and some animals, which also like to call the house home

He is somewhat obsessed and bemused with the public and media’s fixation with celebrities of every stripe. This forms the backdrop of his books, which also tend to feature spies, gangsters, hit men and TV chefs.

His first novel, The Meal of Fortune, was published in 2017, with a second edition following in 2021.  The follow up. Tinker Tailor Soldier Chef will be published in 2022. 

Phil’s main rule in life is never to let tomato ketchup touch any food that is green.  This may not have any deep meaning, nor may it be the soundest of principles to live by – but it’s better than many he’s come across down the years.  Best not to go there though.

Connect with Phil:

Facebook: Philip Brady Books

Twitter: @PhilipJBrady23


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