Book Review: Ed & Lily by Sofia Due


Ed & Lily have a problem. It’s the day before Christmas Eve and the relationship everyone believed was rock solid is in trouble. It’s not just the past getting in the way, it’s the present too.

They’ve got thirty-six hours before they fly to Iceland for a snowy Christmas break. Can they resolve their differences or will their plane leave London without them?

A story about love, loss and chasing your dreams.

I was provided with a digital copy of this book for the purposes of review by the author, for which she has my sincere thanks. I have reviewed the book honestly and impartially.

Not your typical Christmas romance, this is a book to pick up if you are looking for a festive read that it is a little bit different. Set at Christmas, but focusing on the reality of the strain that this time of year can put on relationships, it was a book that rang authentically true, rather than a cosy celebration of the season.

We meet Ed & Lily on the day before Christmas Eve when they are in different parts of the country, supposedly coming together to fly to Iceland to spend the holiday together. But all is clearly not well in their relationship and, over the course of the novel, through a series of flashbacks, we see how their relationship has developed and how they got to the uncomfortable place they currently find themselves.

I don’t think the blurb does the depth of this book justice. This is a really detailed exploration of how two people can love each other and seemingly be made to be together, but still drift apart through a combination of life events and miscommunication. All the way through, I was desperate for them to work things out because it was so clear that they should be together but they were driving themselves apart through many misunderstandings and a failure to talk to each other. It is so easy to see how it is happening and so frustrating, but so true, to view from outside.

This book really moved me. I thought all of the characters were beautifully written and the relationships truly authentic. I was carried along by the story, feeling their joy and their pain as they experienced it in the book. The story felt very fresh and unique. I particularly loved the ending, and was delighted to read a festive romance that followed a different trajectory from what you normally expect. A really pleasurable read from an exciting new voice in contemporary romantic fiction.

I highly recommend this to someone looking for something to entertain them out of the mainstream this Christmas.

You can buy a copy of Ed & Lily in ebook and paperback formats here.

About the Author

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Sofia Due lives in London with her family and cats. She works as a civil liberties and human rights lawyer and works with asylum seekers and refugees every day. Writing fiction is the best way of problem solving and putting right all the things you can’t change in real life. She was shortlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize in 2017 and since joining the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers’ Scheme five years ago has been gradually learning the craft of telling a good story.

Connect with Sofia:


Twitter: @SofiaDue_words


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