Spotlight: Forty Paces East by Sheila M. Bearman


The day is bright and shining as Daisy arrives in North Cyprus to research her book about the 1964 Cypriot war. Amidst the bustle of the picturesque Kyrenia Harbour, she is unexpectedly approached by a charismatic man and his handsome son who go on to offer the use of a writing retreat in the hills of Bellapais. Never one to turn down an adventure, she agrees willingly to the offer by the charismatic Osman Bilekler and his son Hasan.

As work on her book progresses, she meets ex-solder Namik in the local village and immediately forms a bond with him. However, even as they smile at each other,Daisy has no idea that the topic of her book and her current reality are about to collide.

For the Bileklers are hiding a dark secret and Namik’s family lie at the heart of it. Has she made a mistake becoming involved with Namik, and are their lives in danger?

The third in my spotlight series of new books recently published by Matador Books, we have Forty Paces East by Sheila M. Bearman. I love a book that takes me away to a foreign land, and if it can teach me a bit about history at the same time, all the better. This sounds like something I would enjoy reading.

Forty Paces East by Sheila M. Bearman is out now and you can buy a copy here.

About the Author

Born in South London, Sheila M Bearman has always loved writing and has been a member of creative writing groups and had short stories published.
Now retired, she spent 6 weeks researching Forty Places East in Cyprus, falling in love with the country and the people along the way.
She lives in Uckfield, East Sussex.
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