Guest Post: From Cuddly Slugs to Neighbours From Hell by Margaret Macklin

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Today I am delighted to be hosting a guest post by author Margaret Macklin where she talks about her varied writing career, combining writing for children and penning romantic suspense novels. Over to you, Margaret!

From Cuddly Slugs to Neighbours From Hell by Margaret Macklin

I hope my title says it all…
I started writing five years ago, after a serious illness. Writing a book seemed a wonderful idea – a new challenge.
The first two are centred around a ten-year-old boy whose life is changed by the ‘magic of the ancients’. Danny steps through the lightning tree and into another time, another place – it’s medieval England, 1334. Humorous tales of medieval monarchs, magic and historical events…
Each day, we feed the wild birds, the squirrels, the hedgehogs and a beautiful red fox. One day, after scattering a few slug pellets, I felt guilty and a story concerning a delightful family of slugs, took off! The book encourages children to care for wild animals and also tell the truth. It is a story where the children are smarter than the adults. One kind lady said it should be available in every school.
My bio explains how my next book, The Fortune Teller’s Handbook evolved. It was my first romantic crime thriller. As I’d received many 5 star reviews, I began another in the same genre – Revenge, Secrets and Lies – published in June this year.
I’ve been asked (by friends and family)  to write a sequel to the former, which is quite a challenge, however, now I’ve got going, it’s a lot of fun. I write everyday, for a couple of hours, nevertheless, a book usually takes around twenty months to complete.
All my books are available from Amazon.
Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Margaret, it’s good to know the possibility exists for anyone who wants to write in more than one genre.
Margaret’s latest book, Revenge, Secrets and Lies is out now and you can buy a copy here.

About the Author


I started writing five years ago after a serious illness. I found writing to be a wonderful form of distraction and very therapeutic…

After publishing three children’s books I wanted to branch out and try something new, perhaps I should add a few murders to my stories! The Fortune Teller’s Handbook is my first romantic crime thriller. The little book in question really does exist – it’s from the Victorian era – yellowing pages, falling apart and its advice, at times, rather alarming. The book was discovered in a box of possessions once owned by my husband’s long deceased great-aunts – I’m sure they would be delighted that I found it so useful!

Revenge, Secrets and Lies demonstrates what can happen to ordinary people when their lives are taken over by ‘the neighbour from hell’. A gripping tale of romance, intrigue and enduring friendship. Fascinating characters and more than a touch of dark humour…

My home is surrounded by a very large garden with a small deciduous wood at the top – in the spring it come alive with wild cherry trees, primroses, bluebells and cyclamen. As you can imagine, the garden keeps me very busy as does my new rescue cat – Evie…

Connect with Margaret:

Facebook: Margaret Macklin

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