Guest Post: Pandemonium by Gail Aldwin; Illustrated by Fiona Zechmeister


Peta doesn’t look like other pandas in the toy department because of her purple coat. This provides camouflage and enables her to get up to mischief. When an assistant spots Peta this puts an end to her tricks. Peta must learn more about herself … but does this stop Peta’s fun? Of course not!

I don’t usually feature children’s books on the blog, but Gail showed me this cute book about a panda and I was sold! Today Gail has kindly written a guest post for me to share with you on writing this lovely children’s book.

It’s Pandemonium: the high points of writing a children’s picture book

When I set out in 2009 to become a novelist, I never imagined I would also have a children’s picture book published. Writing for children was the last thing on my mind! But as my journey to become a published author progressed, I found that writing in different genres such as poetry and short fiction was good creative writing exercise and helped build stamina for longer projects including the completion of my coming-of-age debut novel The String Games. I first thought about writing Pandemonium in 2015 when I was working as a lecturer delivering input on children’s books to students at the University of South Wales. Over the years the idea for a cheeky panda causing havoc in a department store developed. The proposal for a full colour children’s picture book aimed at 2–7 year olds was accepted by Victorina Press and Fiona Zechmeister appointed as the illustrator. It was then the intensive work began and a publication date of 1 December 2020 agreed.

Working in collaboration

I’ve always enjoyed collaborative writing and have co-written comedy sketches for performance with 3-She over several years. Working with an illustrator is a different sort of partnership so I was pleased to have experience of Fiona’s work. She created the cover image for The String Games using some of my ideas. Through this process we built rapport and trust that enabled us to take on a new venture. Fiona had previously illustrated two children’s picture books for Victorina Press so she came to the project with ideas and knowledge.

Creating an open dialogue

Fiona and I worked hard to develop an open dialogue throughout the drafting and redrafting process. In a children’s picture book, the words tell one story while the illustrations tell a parallel but more nuanced version. In order to get the balance right, sometimes the words needed to be changed and at other times the illustrations required tweaking. We developed a good partnership where honest feedback could be shared and acted upon.

Celebrating the end product

It’s been really gratifying to the read early reviews for Pandemonium from parents, carers and their children. The illustrations are rightly admired and the comedy in the book noted. The story also works hard to convey an important message, that it’s okay to be yourself.

Thank you, Julie, for giving me the opportunity to share the practice Fiona and I have developed in collaborating Pandemonium.


Thank you for sharing that experience with is, Gail. If you have been sold on Pandemonium, you can buy a copy via the Victorina Press shop.

Victorina Press Seasonal Promotion 

Order Pandemonium or any other Victorina Press titles including The String Games directly from the publisher, and you’ll receive 30% discount by entering the coupon code XMAS2020 (one use per customer). Please support this small independent press in their mission to discover unheard voices and promote diversity. 

Praise for Pandemonium

Pandemonium is absolutely delightful! Peta the panda is stuffed full of fun and young ones will adore her.

Wendy White, Tir na n-Og Award Winner

The beautiful illustrations are full of movement and excitement, and the joyous story will appeal to young children and their parents.

Liz Poulain, children’s author and illustrator

About the Author

Gail, author photo copy

Novelist, poet and scriptwriter, Gail Aldwin’s coming-of-age novel The String Games was a finalist in The People’s Book Prize and shortlisted in the Dorchester Literary Festival Writing Prize 2020. Gail lives with her family in a house that overlooks water meadows in Dorset.

Connect with Gail:


Facebook: Gail Aldwin

Twitter: @gailaldwin


About the Illustrator

Fiona_Zechmeister_photo_ copy

Fiona holds a degree in Visual Communication and a Masters in Publishing from the University of Derby. She works as an illustrator creating book covers and children’s books. Pandemonium is the third children’s picture book Fiona has illustrated. The others are I am Adila from Gaza and Songo.

Connect with Fiona:


Twitter: @fionazeichnet

Instagram: @fionazeichnet

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