Has Anyone Seen My Mojo? #writingcommunity

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What is going on at the moment? I have completely lost my writing mojo and I have no idea where it is gone or how to get it back!

Since mid-September I have really had no desire to write, either on the blog or on either of my novel WIPs. Every day I keep getting up, determined that today will be the day that I power through some book reviews and do at least a thousand words on my novel, and every day I find twenty different projects that ‘need’ attention as the perfect way to procrastinate on the writing front. It is very frustrating because I don’t know why it has happened.

Normally in September I have that ‘back-to-school’ feeling, an excitement for a new period of opportunity, and I’m geared up and ready to go. I’ve written about this phenomenon on the blog before here. But I’m just not feeling it this year. I am in the doldrums, unmotivated on the writing front, and I don’t know why. Is it a coronavirus side effect? Is it because this year hasn’t felt like a normal year? Because this autumn doesn’t feel like a season full of possibility, but the beginning of a long, dark winter with more misery and further restrictions? I don’t know but it is bothering me and I don’t know how to snap out of it.

This is only affecting my writing, not my reading. My reading mojo is operating on steroids. I am about to hit my Goodreads reading challenge goal of 150 books with 11 weeks to go, so I could well hit the 200 mark this year. Problem is, I don’t feel any compulsion to write reviews. I now have a backlog of 12 books waiting for review, some of which I absolutely LOVED and have many things to say, but I keep putting off writing them. What is wrong with me? I can only bring myself to do the posts I have promised other people that I will do by way of blog tours and author features. My Instagram game has also fallen off. I had really got in to posting beautiful bookstagram pictures daily earlier in the year but recently I just don’t have the desire or energy.

Whatever is causing this lethargy, I need to snap out of it, it is dragging me down. I love my blog and I don’t want its appeal to drop off. NaNo is looming and I need to summon some writing mojo from somewhere. My lovely writing group, the Bar Babes, are all enthusiasm and are surging ahead with their projects, I am being left behind and it is depressing me. So, lovely readers and fellow writers, do you have any words of wisdom or handy tips for me? Useful insights? Strategies? I’ll take magic beans at this point, to be honest. Has this happened to you and how did you snap out of it?

I need my writing mojo back!

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18 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen My Mojo? #writingcommunity

      1. I get like this sometimes. Even though I chose to review books, I don’t do any review requests anymore, I still feel that sometimes it would just be nice to read, then go straight onto the next one without feeling like you have to review first. We do put ourselves under such pressure don’t we. x

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  1. I’ve been the same with books: happy to read them but writing those reviews is another thing. Doesn’t help that WordPress changed to a block editor too! (I don’t like change LOL)

    Have you tried writing backstory for a secondary character in your WIP? Not something that you’ll even include in the main story but something you could maybe use as a reader magnet later. I find it helps keep me in that “world” without putting any pressure on me. Somehow it reignites the spark for the main story and even brings up new ideas for it too.

    Maybe try a retelling of a favourite story but from a different character’s viewpoint.

    Or go book cover hunting – this is dangerous 😉 but more often than not pulls me back into the story I’m writing.

    Don’t stress though. Your mojo is out there; it’s just socially distancing from you right now and has landed in someone else’s bubble. It’ll be back 😉

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  2. I’m off my blog at the moment and not reading but strangely words are trickling. Definitely take some time for yourself. I cant help you with the blogging mojo because I’m taking a break from it all, but writing wise I always find if I sit down and read some of my work as if it’s someone else’s it can motivate me. Also look after yourself, enjoy pampering, fresh air, sitting down to watch tv (I know!) etc and I honestly think it’ll just return. Also nobody will forget your fantastic blog X

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  3. i don’t think this has worked for me with blogs, Julie, but when I’m struggling to motivate myself with writing a novel, I’ll sit at the desk with a notebook and jot down a list of times over the next hour. I usually start with five minute intervals, then bump it up to to ten. So, if it’s 7pm, the column will read:
    7:30 and so on until 8:00
    As I reach those times, I make a note of my word count since I started. What usually happens is I’ll write a little bit in the first 5 minutes (sometimes only a few words), then a bit more over the next, and gradually the pace picks up – to the point where I forget to check how long I’ve been writing.
    If that doesn’t work, I really know I’m flogging a dead horse and might as well go back to bed…

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  4. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been trying to write and success has been limited – I just feel frazzled. This year has been a lot. And I think we need to be kind to ourselves. I’ve certainly found that the writing I have got done has come from creativity inspired by relaxing in some way. I’m sure it will come back. In the meantime it’s taking one day at a time x

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