Tempted By… The Book Reviewing Mum: The Sea Glass Cottage by RaeAnne Thayne


Opening up to a new future…

The life Olivia Harper always dreamed of isn’t so dreamy these days. The long work days are unfulfilling, as is her relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. So when her estranged mother, Juliet, has an accident Olivia heads home to Sea Glass Cottage. Here she can clear her head and help her mother look after her orphaned niece Caitlin.

Cape Sanctuary is a beautiful town, but one that holds painful memories for Olivia, Juliet and Caitlin Harper. But as Olivia tries to balance her own needs with those of her injured mother and her resentful fifteen-year-old niece, it becomes clear that all three Harper women have been keeping heartbreaking secrets from one another.
Surrounded by her family and friends, including her best friend’s brother, and local fire chief, Cooper Vance, Olivia finds happiness can come at life’s most unexpected moments.

Today’s Tempted By… is from a blog that I have only been following for a few months, but it has quickly become one of my favourites. I am so glad I found The Book Reviewing Mum and she has already enticed me to buy The Sea Glass Cottage by RaeAnne Thayne via this fabulous review.

I have to admit, that I was already captivated by this book as soon as I saw the title and the cover. I love sea glass and I absolutely love the cover of this book, it is so pretty, and I want to know what is going on inside that secluded little cottage, hidden in the wood, don’t you?

Once I got into reading the review, I was 100% sold. It sounds like it contains all the elements I love in a romance novel, and Lynne gave it a most definite five stars, which is a good enough endorsement for me. I have really enjoyed escaping into some heart-warming romance novels during the current situation, I think they are the perfect antidote to everything else that is going on outside, and this one sounds like an episode of The Gilmore Girls in a novel, so I am hoping that is the vibe I get once I dive in.

If you haven’t discovered Lynne’s blog yet, which you may not have as she’s only been blogging since March, make sure you go over there and give her some support and love. Although her blog is quite new, she has managed to pack an impressive amount into that short period, and her posts are fun and chatty, she always seem cheery and upbeat and enthusiastic, and will make you feel that way too. Look, she managed to reel in this jaded old blogger with one of her first reviews! You can find her lovely blog here.

And if you feel like grabbing your own copy of The Sea Glass Cottage after reading Lynne’s review, you can buy it here.

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