Spotlight: Paramedic Chris by Tim Parsons


I don’t often feature children’s books on the blog, but I am doing so today for a good reason. Britain’s emergency services are in the news frequently these days as we all come to appreciate how much they do for us and how they are putting themselves on the frontline in these worrying times. So it seems like a good time to talk about this fantastic series of books by Tim Parsons, designed to educate children on the work of paramedics and the Ambulance Service.

I think it is easy for children to understand what doctors and nurses do, they are the ones we see often on the news on in TV shows, but children are less likely to understand what paramedics are, although they may be the first people sick and injured individuals see if an ambulance has to be called. The author of these books, Tim Parsons worked as a chaplain to the Ambulance Service, and the books are based on genuine cases, making them informative and realistic.

With the Paramedic Chris books, Parsons hopes to spread the message for children to learn the correct ways to call an ambulance and not abuse the system, as well as how to love and care for one another. “I am hoping readers will be made aware of how hard my colleagues work within the ambulance service and can share respect to one another as a result,” he says.

There are currently three books in the series, Paramedic Chris, A Helping Hand and A Sorry Bully, each aimed at 4 to 10-year-old children. You can find out more about the books and where to buy them at Tim’s website –


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