The Fiction Cafe Book Club Reading Challenge 2020 @TheRosieWalsh #TheFictionCafe #readinggoals


I know I said I wasn’t going to do any external reading challenges this year but somehow I have been persuaded/cajoled/strong-armed/bribed into taking part in my online book club, The Fiction Cafe Book Club’s, Reading Challenge 2020, which involves reading 26 books which fall into a specific categories – one every two weeks. I think FOMO has played a big part in me succumbing to the temptation to participate, tbh. However, I will only be using outstanding NetGalley reads and books or audiobooks from my TBR for the challenges so that it doesn’t interfere with my plan to reduce these!

The details of the challenge are on the poster above, if you are interested. Watch out for the reviews of these books popping up fortnightly under the #FictionCafeReadingChallenge2020 hashtag.

(If you are interested in joining The Fiction Cafe Book Club, please follow this link and send a request. I highly recommend it, it is the friendliest corner of the internet for book lovers.)

First up is the audio version of The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh, which was one of the top five reads of 2019 for Nicky Maunder, one of The Fiction Cafe Book Club admins.

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