HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s time for resolutions (again)! #NewYear #Resolutions #2020


It’s the first of January again and I sat down to make some resolutions. I decided to look back on last year’s, and realised that I was going to make the same resolutions all over again for the coming year, so I may as well just copy last year’s post.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is not as though I have made no progress on any of these over the past twelve months. I have definitely improved my diet and have lost a stone in weight, although there is more to go. Get fit? Meh, huge room for improvement there. The others are moving in the right direction but need more work, so I guess I’ll keep on keeping on and see how much more progress I can make.

Here’s a reminder of where I am headed, check back in twelve months for a progress report!

1. Eat more healthily.


I thought I’d get the predictable/dull/difficult ones out of the way first. I was going to put ‘Lose some weight’ but that is a rather negative one and I’m only making positive resolutions this year (that should have been number one actually – only make positive resolutions!) so I am going to eat more healthily, and that will have the side effect of causing weight loss, hopefully! It’s a win-win!

2. Get fit.


Time to dust off that gym membership! I need to get in some sort of shape before I hit 50 or resign myself to being unfit forever. (Yes, I realise that ’round’ is a shape, but it is not actually my shape of choice!)

3. Do more ‘free reading.’


I’m coining a new phrase here which I am hoping will catch on. What I mean by this is reading books from my TBR, rather than for blog tours. For fun, rather than because I have made a commitment. I did a huge number of blog tours last year and, whilst I enjoy them and love helping promote the authors and discovered a lot of fabulous new writers, I did find myself under a lot of pressure (self-inflicted!) at times, and it did restrict my ability to just read a book when it took my fancy. So this year, I am cutting back a bit on the blog tours and will read more random books, as and when I feel like it. That TBR needs reducing!

4. Journalling

Last year this section was purely about keeping a gratitude journal, which was something I did intermittently. I am expanding this this year to try and journal daily about everything, the highs and the lows, and incorporate the gratitude into this habit. I think documenting feelings in general is going to be useful for mental health. For someone who has experienced anxiety and depression in the past, managing my thoughts is extremely important in staying mentally healthy and happy. Focusing on the positive aspects of every day and being actively grateful for them can only remind us that life in general is good and that I am fortunate.

For example, today I am very grateful for this scene in Guardians of the Galaxy where Chris Pratt is hosed down, sans shirt. Life is, indeed, good!


5. Finish that novel.

This is the year that my novel WILL be finished and submitted. No more procrastination. No more excuses. No more fear. It is time to put it out there. I have huge support from my family, friends, the Romantic Novelists’ Association (I am on their New Writers’ Scheme for another year), my lovely online writing group and, particularly, my fabulous writing buddy, Kate. They all believe in me, time to start believing in myself and take the next step on that path to achieving my dream.


6. Be happy!



This might seem like an odd one because happiness does not always appear to be under our control. It often seems like something which can only be achieved when external forces align circumstances in our favour to create an environment where we can feel happy for a moment or two. Well, please excuse my French, but bugger that for a game of soldiers. I have decided to choose happiness. To create it wherever possible. To do things which make me happy. To work to make sure that the things in my life are the ones that make me happy, and to rid myself of the negative things as much as I can. To try and take the positives out of situations. I’m tapping in to my inner Pollyanna. It’s a spin on Trainspotting’s Choose Life riff, but way less cool.


So there we go. Those are my resolutions. Not very original. Not earth shattering, but I hope they will have a positive effect on my life, and those around me, which is probably the best I can expect. And you know what they say about the Butterfly Effect.

I KNOW that 2020 is going to be a good year. (More assertiveness required I think!)

What about you? Tell me your resolutions or hopes and dreams for the coming year. I hope it is a good one for all of us. Let’s meet back here in twelve months and see how we all got on, shall we?

6 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s time for resolutions (again)! #NewYear #Resolutions #2020

  1. thequietgeordie

    I have 2 goals which I haven’t posted about – I plan to devote more time to activities offline (other than reading) – and I’ve treated myself to a copy of Shakespeare for every day of the year – so the plan is to read it every day. I’m a little behind as it’s not been dispatched yet!

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