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The Oddest Little Series

We are on to Book 4 in the Oddest Series and the one I have been looking forward to the most, which is The Oddest Little Book Shop by Beth Good. thanks to Rachel Gilbey and the author for having me on the tour and to the author for my copy of the book.

Oddest Little_BOOK SHOP

“After ten long years away, television star Daisy Diamond is finally going home.

She’s not back at the gorgeous seaside resort of Port Pol in sunny Cornwall five minutes before she realises the mistake she’s made. Her childhood sweetheart Nick Old – affectionately known as ‘Devil’ – is still living there, running the local bookshop, and he is determined to rekindle their flame.

Daisy is no longer the dewy-eyed romantic of her school days. Her life may not have gone according to plan, but she’s not afraid to show Nick how much she’s grown since he famously dumped her at the school leavers’ disco. 

Even if it means bending her heart out of shape a little . ..”

We’re back to Cornwall today but this time in the little town of Port Pol, where actress Daisy Diamond has returned to her childhood home for a little R&R and to house sit her childhood home. But she realises it may have been a mistake when her old flame Nick, who dumped her at 18, appears and she realises she may not be over him.

I was really impressed by how the author has made the feel of this book very different from the one I reviewed yesterday. Her characters are all very distinctive, with clear and individual personalities and motivations which are well established and defined in the books which makes it very easy to relate to them and their stories and become emotionally invested. Although, there is another brooding ‘devilish’ Cornish man in this book, but can a girl really ever have too many of those?

Daisy has a whole different set of problems to deal with in this book from Annie yesterday. Lecherous co-stars, persistent paparazzi, naked yoga and a slightly mad ex-schoolfriend all impede the path to true love in another enticing read from Beth Good which will provide you with an hour or so’s pleasant diversion from real life when you need it.

I’ve really enjoyed reading this series by Beth Good – as tenuously connected as they are. They are just the kind of thing you need on your Kindle to brighten your day when you’ve got and hour to spare and are looking for a literary pick-me-up. Pure escapism, well-written and a joy to read. I’ve loved them so much that, even though I’m not on the tour for it, I will be reviewing the final book in the series, The Oddest Little Cornish Teashop, on the blog next week. The fact that I’ve forked out my own hard-earned pence to buy the book should tell you all you need to know about the quality of the writing and story-telling.

The Oddest Little Book Shop is out now and you can get your copy here.

Check out the rest of the blogs on the tour and, when you see my name pop up again, check back for a review of one of the other titles in the series!

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About the Author

Jane Holland Beth Good credit Anna Rybacka-1

Born and raised in Essex, England, Beth Good was whisked away to an island tax haven at the age of eleven to attend an exclusive public school and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Sadly, she never became rich or famous herself, so had to settle for infamy as a writer of dubious novels. She writes under several different names, mainly to avoid confusing her readers – and herself! As Beth Good she writes romantic comedy and feel-good fiction. She also writes thrillers as Jane Holland, historicals as Victoria Lamb and Elizabeth Moss, and feel-good fiction as Hannah Coates.

Beth currently lives in the West Country where she spends a great deal of time thinking romantic thoughts while staring out of her window at sheep. (These two actions are unrelated.)

You can find her most days on Twitter as @BethGoodWriter where she occasionally indulges in pointless banter about chocolate making and the Great British Bake Off. Due to a basic inability to say no, she has too many children and not enough money, which means she needs as many readers as she can get.

Connect with Beth:

Facebook: Beth Good

Twitter: @BethGoodWriter

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