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“Literary agent Viola Matthews is sure she’s met Katherine Baxter before. So when her husband and bestselling novelist Samuel Morton introduces Viola to the quiet,unassuming woman he has offered to mentor, she knows their paths have crossed before. The question is where?

As their worlds collide and the bond between Samuel and Katherine deepens, Viola realises she must take control. If Viola is right, then Katherine needs to pay forsomething that happened twelve years ago.”

Today I am happy to be part of the blog tour for The Pupil by Dawn Goodwin. My thanks to Victoria Joss at Aria for inviting me to take part in the tour and to Aria and NetGalley for my copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and impartially.

At the beginning of the book I completely related to Katherine, who appears to be the central character, as she is starting her journey on the road to trying to become an author and breaking out of the mould of wife and mother and doing something for herself. This is the exact situation I am in, so I sympathised with all her fears and self doubts. I have also just attended a writing course myself, so even that was familiar. (I hasten to add that all the people on my course were lovely and supportive and encouraging, unlike the ones in this book!)

Unlike Katherine, I have a supportive partner on my journey. Katherine’s partner is fairly awful. Domineering, belittling, controlling, possessive, bordering on abusive so she had my wholehearted support in her attempts to carve something for herself- I even sympathised with her small deceits given his behaviour. Her mother is made in a similar mould so you can perhaps see why she keeps repeating these dysfunctional relationships.

Viola, on the other hand, is not a character you immediately warm too and there is the genius in this book. Characters start out making you feel one thing about them and then, as events unfold and secrets are revealed, your viewpoint can be switched and altered from chapter to chapter. It is very neatly done and kept the suspense going and the pages turning throughout the book.

 The book has quite a sedate pace, particularly at the beginning. It is not one of those that hits you with startling events on page one but that did not make it any less of a great read for me. The reader just needs to have a little patience with the plot, waiting for the suspense to pick up. The writing flows well and is very easy to read, it was not a book I had to work hard at, which was good as I have had limited reading time this week. I really liked Dawn’s voice, as I said earlier, I found a lot I could relate to in the characters which makes this type of book even more shocking when some of them turn out not to be what they seem.

Anyone who likes this type of domestic-set psychological thriller will enjoy this. It has enough twists and turns and suspense to keep you interested, it felt slightly different to others I have read which was refreshing and the writing pulled me through the book with ease. I liked the premise of the book very much. A highly recommended read.

The Pupil is out now and you can buy a copy here.

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Dawn’s career has spanned PR, advertising and publishing. Now, she loves to write about the personalities hiding behind the masks, whether beautiful or ugly. Married, she lives in London with her two daughters and a British bulldog called Geoffrey.

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