Authors for Grenfell Online Auction #authorsforgrenfell (@hapgoodness @saramegan @mollykh)


Dear friends

The whole country is aware of the awful tragedy that befell Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017 and the plight of the residents who have been left with absolutely nothing and are having to rebuild their lives from scratch.

Today I just wanted to highlight the Authors For Grenfell Tower appeal that has been launched by the literary community. It is an online auction of items and experiences donated by figures across the publishing community in aid of the British Red Cross London Fire Relief Fund to help those residents affected by the fire.

There are some fantastic items on offer, ranging from signed books to afternoon tea at Claridges with David Walliams, and something to suit every pocket and interest. There is also the option just to donate, without bidding on a specific item.

There are now almost 700 items on offer, so I am sure we can all find something that we would like to bid on to help out this great cause.

I am allowing any books acquired by myself as a result of a winning bid in this auction to be an exception to my book acquisition ban for this year to highlight the importance of this cause.

Bids close at 8 pm today – Tuesday 27 June 2017, so please take a look at the website as soon as you can and make whatever bid or contribution you can afford. These people have suffered a horror that most of us cannot even contemplate in our worst nightmares. Let’s join the literary community in their efforts to do what we can to help alleviate their suffering a little bit.

If you want any more convincing of why you should take part in the auction and join the raft of people displaying the most amazing generosity and love for the people of Grenfell Tower in a way that moves me beyond words, please take a look at the comments on Lot 369 – named character in Philip Pullman’s next book.

The auction website is here. Thank you for taking the time to read this and taking part.

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