2017 – The Year of Abstinence


My name is Julie, I’m 44 and I am a book addict.

There, I’ve admitted it. Reading is my passion and I spend a lot of time doing it, and I own far, far too many books. So many in fact, that I am so far behind on my TBR (the number stands at 783 on Goodreads and counting) I fear I will never catch up. Book buying is a compulsion for me, you see. Nothing makes me happier than an hour spent browsing a good bookstore and buying a book. Problem is, I can never stop at just the one….

At the current time, I have 50 books stacked in two piles next to my bed. This pile never gets any smaller and has become such a permanent feature in our house that my 9-year-old daughter has christened it Mount Bookarus. Very apt, since the erosion of this edifice is every bit as slow as the erosion of the Himalayas themselves. In fact, towards the end of last year, it appeared that the pile had in fact been pushed up, due to some kind of literary tectonic event, and the top books of the stack are now in danger of taking my eye out if I turn over in my sleep too close to the edge of the bed.

(A small off-shoot of ‘seasonal reads’ appeared in November as the start of pile three, but these were pushed back during a concerted assault over the festive period.)

Mount Bookarus is the mere tip of the iceberg, however, if you will excuse the mixed geological metaphors. There are many, many, many more unread gems stuffed into every spare bit of space in my library. (I know, I am lucky enough to have a dedicated, proper library in my house. It was the one room I insisted on including when we built our house 11 years ago and it is my favourite. If you stick with me and behave, I will share some photos of it with you here soon and make you all green with envy!)

It is for this reason that I have started this blog. I have vowed that 2017 is the year I will make a proper dent in my TBR and, in order to achieve this goal, I have vowed to buy NO NEW BOOKS in 2017.

That’s right. No new books for a whole year. Nada. Zero. Not one single one.

As a self-professed compulsive book purchaser, this is going to a be a huge challenge. So, to keep me on the straight and narrow, I am making my intention public and am going to report honestly on here as to how I am getting on and I am hoping that my readers, should I be fortunate enough to get any, will hold me accountable.

The rules of the challenge are quite strict. No buying books, no borrowing books, no being given books for free. No downloading e-books, either free or paid for. I am going to allow my friends and family to buy me books as presents for my birthday in May (otherwise, what an earth are they going to get me?) and Christmas. After all, there has to be some relief on the horizon, doesn’t there? But there will be limit of one book per person. And that’s it.

So, 2017 will be a year of reading from the books I already own. I have set my Goodreads reading challenge for 2017 at 100 books, which is achievable, as I tend to read a couple of books a week anyway, depending on length of book and what else is going on in my life. I will be reviewing all the books I read on this blog. There may be other posts that creep in too, about the other minutiae of my life, family, travels and whatever else pops into my head, but it will mainly be book reviews.

I guess it will be a little different from other book blogs, because I will not be reviewing any of the new, hot titles – for this year at least – but maybe this is no bad thing. Different is good, and you may still find some gems in things that are not new. Vintage is in, right? Hopefully my blog will be on trend in that way. Let’s call it literary up-cycling. Dusting the cobwebs off those old but precious novels that are laying unloved and forgotten in the dingy recesses of my TBR, ready to be given new life.

We are 3 weeks in to the year and, so far, I have held firm but it will only get tougher from here. So I am hoping you will help me. Get behind me, support me, and don’t taunt me with all the fabulous new books I am missing out on. (I have already started a list – January 2018 could be an expensive month). Most of all, I hope you will enjoy my reviews, and maybe find something you might want to read, even though it is not shiny and new in the publishing world. First review to come on Monday.

Apologies in advance to my local branch of Waterstones – I fear your profits will take a severe dip this year.

12 thoughts on “2017 – The Year of Abstinence

  1. Hi Julie, you’re in good (if not tempting) company. I applaud your challenge not to mention your bravery and wish you luck. It will be good to see some retro reviews, it will make us think about all our own books patiently waiting to be read. Happy Reading 📚📚📚📚📚📚

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  2. iamlindseybernice

    I am beyond excited to follow your blog! I can’t wait for your blog posts about what you are reading and hopefully I’ll find some new reads for myself as well. I love books but it’s been awhile and I’m hoping blogging gets me back into reading!

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  3. I also have a Mount Bookarus by my bed. Mine consists of books I feel I should read but tend to get overtaken by the “easy” reads that are too tempting to slip into when just wanting to switch off. Reading your blog is inspiring me to try harder though!

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    1. I can’t say I have been challenging myself too hard on the reading front the last two months. Work has been so busy I’ve been opting for the ‘easy’ reads myself. I’m going to try and mix it up more going forwards.


  4. Oh my. How are you doing this?? I can’t even walk past a supermarket without buying a book (or two, Asda always have then 2 or £7).
    I prefer reading reviews of books that have been out a while anyhow 🙂 And invariably the books I do read are oldies. Or rereads. Haha.

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    1. I know the feeling – my shopping bills are considerably less every week now! It’s very hard but I am determined and stubborn. However, I have a dilemma today that I will be posting about shortly so advice welcomed.


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    1. I was really good until August, then I succumbed! It’s been a good experience not always heading for the newest, shiniest book but it’s too hard trying to buy none! Next year I’m going to do a mixture and my new challenge will be reading at least one classic a month that I’ve never read before.

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